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Kcompass Integrated Solutions LTD is a Nigeria based company. The company embarked on its agricultural journey in 2011 with the importation of rice from Thailand to Nigeria. The management team became increasingly dissatisfied with the unexplored opportunities envisaged in the agro sector in relation to the production of rice versus the importation and started exploring with the idea of cultivating and processing rice in Nigeria.

Following initiatives implemented during the Goodluck Jonathon administration, it became evident that importation was no longer viable, however agriculture (the production of rice) was going to be a key part of the strategy to diversify Nigeria’s GDP output and food production strategy as a whole.

Kcompass keyed into this strategy and following research into the rice farming and processing indusrty in Nigeria acquired 30 Hectares of land in Oko-Ogbele, Delta State to begin rice farming. Between 2013 to 2015 Kcompass cut its teeth at farming, made mistakes, learnt from them to be profitable and develop good links with the State Ministry of Agriculture and other bodies like the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA). The successes from Oko-Ogbele reinforced the company’s belief that rice production is a lucrative industry and led to the acquiring of 200 hectares of farmland in Aviara, Delta State in 2016.

In addition to the land, Kcompass invested in some farming equipments to increase yield, this investment led to an increase in yield and profit.

The management soon realized that while there was a good market for selling paddy, there were greater gains to be realised in processing, which led to our pursuit of establishing a mill in Nigeria.