Future Plan

The next stage of the journey

Mill 01

The company will be engaged in growing and using modern IT systems for the milling of rice under the Happy Family brand in Nigeria.

The Company will continue working with the IITA on producing high yield seeds and improving modern rice farming techniques.

The Company will engage with smaller local out growers towards improving farming methods to ensure constant supply of paddy. In addition to providing storage, milling and equipment leasing facilities to third parties..

Location of the business

  • Oshimili South and Isoko South Local Government Areas of Delta State, Nigeria


  • Products will be sold in the standard 50kg package.
  • Third parties will be able to order packaging under own brand.

Expected land area

  • Cultivation – 1000 ha
  • Mill – 15ha

Impact of Farm & Mill in Delta State/Nigeria

Mill 02

Economic & Financial Impact

  • Job creation directly and indirectly down the processing chain.
  • It would look to address the gap between supply and demand of good quality parboiled rice.
  • Poverty alleviation through partnering with local rice farmers to assist in developing their farming processes and buying the paddy at favorable rates
  • Provide competition in the rice market.
  • In tandem with government policies on rice farming and milling to boost the economy and GDP.
  • The Research and development associated with this project would assist in new improved methods of rice farming and improved rice seeds
  • Improved local skill and education using the most recent state of the art
  • rice milling equipment’s
  • Quality affordable finished rice.
  • Income generation
  • Increase in food production